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Personal Finance Tip – Use

IMG_9063.PNG is a perfect way to consolidate all of our accounts. You can add accounts such as your checking, savings, credits cards (it tracks your credit score as well), student loans, car loans, investment accounts and retirement accounts.




You can also set budgets and goals and tracks your progress on any time basis you want. There are also great interactive dashboards you can use as well to view analytics and trends. Some features include discovering where your spending is, net worth analytics, asset/debt levels and net income. This is useful to track progress and look at accurate data to make better financial decision.



The Bottom Line is the best way to organize your finances and if you are not using Mint you are clearly missing out on some critical technology. You no longer have to hoard documents and a binder around. Everything is digital with easy access and analytics ready for use. 

Getting your personal finances organized and setting up a budget is the first step you can make to better financial well being.

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