The New Direction of NOW Economics

I took the last week of off producing content to sit and contemplate if I was heading in the right direction for NOW Economics. I am pleased with the content I have produced and the progress the brand made. I am also grateful to have developed a slight following and establish a bit of a presence in the blogging space.

However, I realized that the market and content I am producing is too general to develop a strong following. Discussing anything of interest to me relating to finance, investments and business are interesting, but not compelling enough to establish a niche in the market. While the things I discuss may be cool, it is not providing any real value to my audience and is not solving their problems. This is no way to run a proper business so I am going to be shifting my niche to an area where I understand the industry and where I have the skills to solve the needs and desires of the market.

The New Niche

The new niche of NOW Economics will be to help online business and start-ups establish proper financial management to become more profitable, grow and make better strategic decisions based on financial data. Approximately 40% of business make profit, 30% break even and 30% lose money and a huge reason many businesses are not in that top 40% is due to a lack of financial management. A lack of financial planning, analysis, internal controls and cash management are one of the leading causes of business failure.

As a corporate finance professional, I can advise and teach these online businesses and start-ups to establish proven financial management systems that will help them allocate resources more efficiently in order to make more profit and become more competitive.

Content Creation, Products, and Services

From now on, I will be creating content around this new niche in an effort to build an audience that wants these problems solved. I will begin creating content for financial management for online business and start-ups, however, on the side, I will continue some of the miscellaneous content I have been creating because I do enjoy producing it.

In addition, I am in the process of developing an e-book that will teach the basics of financial management in this niche and develop an online training program that will allow owners of an online business and start-up founders to become proficient in managing their business financially. I will also be offering consulting services to clients that are in need of a financial management consultant to solve their financial management problems.

If you would like to learn more about the development of my products and services, sign up on the home page ofwww.noweconomics.comto hear about the e-book, online training program and consulting services, content and get a discount when released.