Business Leader Spotlight - Rav Singh Sandhu - CEO of The Market Mogul

Welcome to the new series called Business Leader Spotlight. This is a series where I highlight various business leaders from startup entrepreneurs, executive’s at large corporations, small business owners and even successful junior professionals.

We will go through their journey, successes and what makes them tick. I hope that this is a series that will provide some valuable insights from these successful leaders and encourage us to develop into leader’s ourselves.

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Who is Rav Singh Sandhu?

Rav is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and is CEO of The Market Mogul.  The Market Mogul is a finance, business and politics media company that provides a 360 – view on the world with a mission to disrupt traditional media.

The company aspires to be free from editorial and political bias. It also provides users the opportunity to become an author and write articles for the website. One of their most popular products is called the Daily Breakfast Briefing which provides a 5-minute snapshot of the most important financial, business and political news of the day with a fresh perspective.

Rav studied Finance and Economics in the U.K. and worked in Investment Banking and Management Consulting for 3 years. During this time, he started the Market Mogul on the side. Due to his lack of time being in a demanding job, he had to work on his start up from 4 am to 6 am every morning. He also had to learn how to code to create his website because he did not have the capital to spend on a web developer.

It was Rav’s self-discipline, perseverance and passion that brought him to the success he has today despite the lack of time, energy and capital he had to allocate towards his start up. Rav used as much sweat – equity as possible to build his startup to a certain point. When he reached this point, he realized that some things had to change.

Some of his mentors at Goldman Sachs told him that he was destined for entrepreneurial pursuits and suggested that he goes all in on his venture.  

Rav then took this advice and invested his money to hire a developer to refine the website and then quit his job to work on The Market Mogul 18 hours a day. He used some of his friends and family as resources to help accelerate this process and this led him to receiving outside investment from many investors that played a critical role in the growth of his company.

Today Rav has grown the Market Mogul to a team of 50+ employees with hundreds of authors and thousands of articles written.  

Key Takeaways from Rav’s Journey

·         Match your dreams and vision with work ethic.

·         Be resourceful. Use your network and offer to be valuable to other people in exchange for something of value that you need.

·         Maximize your time to grow your career or business. You will never maximize growth and success by lollygagging.

·         Entrepreneurship is not all that glamorous. At times entrepreneurship may bring positive emotions of euphoria, excitement, freedom and gratitude. However, there are a lot of negative emotions that may come with it. Many challenges will come your way and you must be able to fight through those challenges.

·         Great mentors can go a long way. They can provide you with advice, direction and further your network to people they may know that could help you.

·         Age is just a number, you do not need to be a certain age to start a company

Links to Articles written by Rav and the Market Mogul. 




Concluding Remarks

Rav’s story is truly inspiring and I have been watching him build The Market Mogul over the last two years. Learning about his journey has allowed me to learn more about what it takes to make it in the world of business and I hope to emulate his success one day.

Feel free to provide any feedback on the Business Leader Spotlight series and let me know if this segment was useful to you.

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