Why I Started N.O.W. Economics

I started N.O.W. Economics because I had a creative urge that was not being satisfied at work. I do love my job, but I am not at a point in my career where I have the autonomy to be as creative and strategic as I would like.  

I dabbled in writing blogs for a few months inconsistently. Then I caught the writing bug and realized how much I enjoy creating content on a consistent basis. 

I also noticed that there was a huge community of other bloggers, brands and business that I like to connect with. Engaging in this community has allowed me to learn a lot. I also enjoy watching the journey of many hard working people and see the fruits of their labor. 

Another reason why I believe what I am producing is important is due to the lack of knowledge and perspective of people managing their finances and careers. 

I think its awful that many people are mismanaging their careers and finances and look up when they are 45-65 and are full of regret. These topics are not taught in school and those that fail to have good mentors or do research themselves will be at a huge disadvantage. 

There is a huge wealth and skills gap in the world and this gap is increasing by the day. Being at the wrong side of the spectrum is not a pleasant existence and I want people to know that it is possible to improve your situation. 

That is why I am so passionate about this brand, I want to inform as many people as I can to improve their lives. I also have great joy in engaging with community, learning things and building a brand from scratch. 

While this brand is relatively new and I have not perfected my content and brand to a expert level, I am enjoying the process and am excited to see what I could evolve N.O.W. Economics into. 

My vision for N.O.W. Economics is to be a reputable informational and educational source for all things Financial and Business related. While this is occuring I also have a vision of developing a consulting division in Financial/Management consulting which could only occur in 10 years due to my lack of experience.  

I am truly thankful to anyone who has taken the time to consume my content and believe in what I am doing as a young inexeprienced 23 year old professional.  

Let's enjoy this journey together.